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Star Academey Curriculum

Ixl has analytics with powerful insights that help diagnose your students needs!

Ixl Accurately Assess Students knowledge real time with tool reveals.

Ixl diagnostic exactly what students know.and helps you take Actionable steps to foster growth at every level.

Is is the curriculum we work from.ixl is personalized learning customized for each students learning level.

ixl is comprehensive Curriculum for k-12.

It includes,math,language arts, science,social studies, and spanish. more than 13 million students use ixl.

We offer transportation

Once the school day ends, Star Academy offers transportation services, ensuring that your child is safely brought from their school directly to our facility. This means you can have the reassurance that your most cherished loved one is secure, from one doorstep to another.

Before- and After-School Program for K-6

Our before- and after-care programs extend far beyond assisting with homework. We are dedicated to nurturing children as they evolve into the most compassionate, skilled, and resilient individuals they can be. This involves providing every child with the freedom, motivation, and resources required to pursue their interests, whether it’s launching a drama club, constructing a volcano, or crafting a comic book. Irrespective of their unique talents and interests, we foster the development of supportive communities of friends through engaging activities such as games, STEM projects, creative arts, and ample playtime, ensuring that children remain joyful, engaged, and healthy.

PreKindergarten Program

We’re on the move and getting ready for Kindergarten! In this Pre-K program we fine tune social skills, work on responsibility, refine the small motor skills and strengthen large motor groups. Part of our kindergarten preparation is lengthening the child’s attention span and helping to form independent work habits