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Ages 7-11 start with Scratch

Scratch is a fantastic introduction to coding for children aged 7-11. It empowers kids to design interactive video games, animations, and imaginative stories using a wide range of background images and characters. With Scratch, children can dive straight into crafting enjoyable and interactive coding projects using blocks, all while developing essential life skills like creativity, storytelling, and logical reasoning. This is why our Scratch coding courses for kids concentrate on game development within Scratch, ensuring that learning the fundamentals of coding is a fun and engaging experience.

Ages 12-18 start with Python

When introducing your student to text-based coding languages for the first time, Python is an excellent choice. It has emerged as one of the most favored coding languages, suitable for both novices and experienced programmers. That’s why we recommend our Python coding course as the starting point for learning coding. Python eliminates the need to grapple with complex computer science concepts such as data types and memory management, making it a superb option compared to other coding languages.

Advanced coding for kids

After children have achieved proficiency in the basics, they can progress in their learning journey by enrolling in more advanced Python courses or even exploring a different programming language. Star Academy offers courses in Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and an array of other programming languages.

Introduction of laser engravin

Laser engraving is a process that vaporizes materials into fumes to engrave permanent, deep marks. The laser beam acts as a chisel, incising marks by removing layers from the surface of the material. The laser hits localized areas with massive levels of energy to generate the high heat required for vaporization

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